Maharishi's Achievements


His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi will always be regarded as the foremost scientist in the field of consciousness and the greatest teacher of our time.

His Vedic Science and Technology, which unfolds the full potential of Natural Law in human consciousness as the basis of improving all areas of life, is regarded as the most effective programme of human resource development.

His technique of Transcendental Meditation is the most widely practised and extensively researched programme of self-development in the world.

More than 600 scientific research studies at over 250 independent universities and research institutes in 33 countries have validated the profound benefits of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Programme for the individual and for every area of society, including health, education, business, industry, rehabilitation, defence, agriculture, and government.

Over six million people in India, and millions more in all parts of the world and from all walks of life have learnt Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation. Over 20,000 teachers of the Transcendental Meditation Programme have been trained so far, and more are continuing to be trained.

In addition, more than 300,000 people in India and thousands more around the world have learnt Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme and are daily practising ‘Yogic Flying’, an advanced programme of Transcendental Meditation, which dramatically enhances all the benefits brought about by Transcendental Meditation for the individual, and creates a highly purifying influence in world consciousness.

Maharishi has held hundreds of World Peace Assemblies on all continents during fifty-one years, with many thousands of people coming together to create coherence in world consciousness through the group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme (Yogic Flying Programme).

In 1986, on the basis of the rising Maharishi Effect—coherence in world consciousness resulting from his World Peace Assemblies—Maharishi inaugurated his programme to create world peace by establishing a permanent group of 7,000 Vedic Scientists in Maharishi Ved Vigyan Vishwa Vidya Peeth, Maharishi Nagar, India, to create coherence in collective consciousness on a permanent basis through the group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme.

Today, under Maharishi’s continuing guidance, a permanent group of Vedic Scientists (Maharishi Vedic Pandits) is being established in the Brahma-Sthan (centre) of India, to create invincibility for all 192 countries of the world. Maharishi has envisioned the immediate establishment of a group of 16,000 Vedic Pandits at the Brahma-Sthan (centre) of India, to rise ever higher in number.

‘The goal is to establish a Vedic Capital of Global Administration through Natural Law, with the knowledge of Veda—total Natural Law—as the Constitution, for 200,000 Vedic Pandits to live their Vedic way of life and create and maintain a strong, indomitable influence of coherence in world consciousness, so that peace and harmony prevail, and the whole human race lives in perpetual peace in a problem-free world—perpetual peace on Earth.’


As a result of the rising Maharishi Effect in world consciousness produced by millions of people practising Transcendental Meditation throughout the world, and through Maharishi’s programme to create invincibility for all 192 countries of the world, world peace is rising to be a permanent reality.

Over the past fifty-one years Maharishi has established a worldwide organization with centres in 108 countries.

Hundreds of books have been published about Maharishi’s teachings, which have been translated into many languages and have been distributed globally.

Maharishi’s teachings are preserved for the ages on more than 15,000 hours of video and audio tape recordings of lectures in Maharishi’s International Film and Tape Library.

Maharishi has completely restored the thousands-of-years-old scattered Vedic Literature for the total significance of its theory and practice, and has organized it in the form of a complete science of consciousness.

Transcendental Meditation is the subjective technology of Maharishi’s Vedic Science of Consciousness.

Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology is a complete science and technology of consciousness; it is the complete science and technology of life, capable of raising all aspects of life to perfection.

The practicality of creating the supreme quality of life on Earth—Heaven on Earth—through Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology has been amply verified during the past fifty-one years by scientific research, which documents the benefits in every aspect of life—physiology, psychology, sociology, and ecology. It has also been substantially verified by personal experience, and by the authenticity of the ancient, traditional Vedic Literature.

The global achievements of these fifty-one years, on the ground of tested knowledge, prompted Maharishi to launch a global programme to create Heaven on Earth—life according to Natural Law.

Maharishi’s Programme to Reconstruct the World, inner and outer, was first outlined in 1988, in Maharishi’s Master Plan to Create Heaven on Earth.

Maharishi’s knowledge, Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology, Maharishi’s eternal Constitution of the Universe, being present everywhere, and Maharishi’s simple approach for everyone to enjoy life according to Natural Law are the foundation of Maharishi’s global action to create Heaven on Earth and perpetuate it for all generations to come.

The revival of Vedic Wisdom through Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology and the establishment of Maharishi Vedic University, Maharishi Ayur-Veda University, and Maharishi University of Management in many countries provide that perfect knowledge of Natural Law which will forever continue guiding mankind on the path to perfection—daily life in full accordance with Natural Law.

A review of all the scientific research on the Transcendental Meditation and Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Programme reveals that the sequential unfoldment of pure knowledge and its infinite organizing power has brought about the experience of pure consciousness, has given rise to higher states of consciousness in the individual, and has purified world consciousness, as evidenced by the rising waves of achievement of Maharishi’s Movement throughout the world over the past fifty-one years.

  1. Maharishi’s achievement is the supreme achievement of the wise throughout the ages—an objectively derived and subjectively derived scientific formula to bring perfection to every man on the basis of Natural Law—the common heritage of all mankind—the eternal Constitution of the Universe, the Veda and Vedic Literature.

  2. It is this total potential of Natural Law, the common heritage of all mankind, which is at the basis of the structure and function of the human physiology; and due to this inherent field of all possibilities within the DNA of every cell of the human physiology, and due to Maharishi’s Technology of Natural Law, which being a Technology of Consciousness can stir the total field of human creativity within the human brain, every individual can gain the ability to use his total brain potential, and this will allow him to rise in the ability to know anything, do anything spontaneously right, and achieve anything through the support of Natural Law.

  3. The very start of Maharishi’s worldwide Transcendental Meditation Movement had one word of Ṛk Veda at its basis—one word, ‘Parame vyoman’, of one Richa:
    richo akshare
    ‘Ṛicho Ak-kshare parame vyoman yasmin Devā adhi vishwe nisheduḥ.’

  4. This timeless verse of Ṛk Veda has been discovered to be the source, or fountainhead, of intelligence—the most basic field of intelligence, Transcendental Consciousness, from where all fields of knowledge, all theories of modern science emerge.

  5. This has created the possibility of creating a perfect man, a perfect society, and a perfect world characterized by self-sufficiency and invincibility.

Maharishi’s call to the governments of the world and his offer of a practical formula for every government to come in alliance1 with Nature’s Government, to gain the support2 of Nature’s Government, and gain the ability to nourish everyone and satisfy everyone is so unique and unprecedented in the thousands of years of struggling history of governments that probably the political leadership of the world, working under stress and strain, could not believe that the support of Nature could be gained in a systematic, scientific manner by all.

Having realized that it is possible to free governments from problems and develop in them the ability to prevent problems, Maharishi decided to establish3 a Global Government of Natural Law with its seat in every country.


1 1990—Maharishi’s Year of Alliance with Nature’s Government.

2 1991—Maharishi’s Year of Support of Nature’s Government.

3 In 1976 Maharishi inaugurated the World Government of the Age of the Enlightenment. Maharishi’s Global Administration through Natural Law*—Global Raam Raj—celebrated on 12 January 1993, and the establishment of Maharishi’s Global Country of World Peace on 7 October 2000, brought fulfilment to the concept of Maharishi’s World Government of the Age of Enlightenment.
* Maharishi formally established the organizational structure of ‘Maharishi’s Global Administration through Natural Law’ on Guru Pūrṇimā Day, 30 July 1996. The words Maharishi spoke on this day are his invitation to all governments for all times:

‘It is a very, very great delight for me that I have a chance now, after Pūjā to Guru Dev, to express to you all, for the world of all times, the establishment of this global organization which has now been established with the blessings of Guru Dev, as the Prasad of Guru Pūjā.

‘This global organization will establish administration through Vedic Knowledge in the centre of every country, and this will enliven the organizing power of Natural Law for the government and give invincibility to the government, peace and happiness to the people, and will give nourishing sovereignty to every sovereign nation.

‘Now, through this global organization, I am inviting all governments who have been living under the influence of other nations to enjoy real freedom—no free country in my world should be dependent on any other country: “Get into this knowledge of Natural Law, enliven Natural Law in your people, enliven Natural Law in the collective consciousness of your nation, and you will be the custodian of Natural Law.”

This I am saying to every government: “You will hold the balance of power in the world even if you are a small country. As long as you are a free country; as long as you have power to make laws; as long as you have a currency, establish this centre of total knowledge—Brahma-Sthān—in the centre of your country, and as knowledge has organizing power, with the bliss of Total Tnowledge—Brahmānanda—lively in your country, the infinite organizing power of Natural Law will be at your command—you will command authority in the family of nations—you will hold the balance of power in the world.”

‘My global organization that is being set today is to give sovereignty, real invincibility—unrestricted total authority of sovereignty—to every government.’ —Maharishi


Maharishi conceived that the effect of the Government of Natural Law will be to raise the administration of existing governments through national law to the dignity of Global Administration through Natural Law.

On Vijayā Dashamī Day, 7 October 2000, the Day of Victory in the Vedic Calendar, Maharishi inaugurated the Global Country of World Peace, with its Constitution in Ṛk Veda, the Constitution of the Universe, and its authority in the invincible organizing power of Natural Law, which naturally and eternally governs the evolution of all life everywhere.

The purpose of establishing the Global Country of World Peace is to simplify administration on both levels—global and local—and bring all levels of administration in full accord with total Natural Law.

The purpose of Global Administration is to maximize the nourishing power of Natural Law that connects our world with the ever-expanding universe around it. This Global Administration is being established along the lines of ideal administration in India—Vedic India—as available in the Vedic Literature in the Kingdom of Raam.

History records that no one suffered in the Kingdom of Raam—Rama Raja
Rām Rāj dukh kāhu na vyāpā (Rām Charit Mānasa, Uttar Kād, 21.1)—and no one suffered because everyone lived life spontaneously in accord with Natural Law—Dharma—the Will of God.

Administration of a solar system, under the influence of the life-giving Sun, is a unit of the Cosmic Administration of the galactic universe.

The administration of the solar system by the life-giving Sun, which is equally nourishing to all, is the ideal administration on earth. It is in this reality that Raam Raj, the rule of total Natural Law, is upheld as the rule of the Solar Dynasty on earth.

Raam is portrayed in the Vedic Literature as the custodian of the total knowledge of administration—the embodiment of Unity Consciousness—Brahmi ChetanāRamBrahm Rām Brahm paramārath rūpā (Rām Charit Mānasa, Ayodhyā Kād, 93.4)

There are seven states of consciousness—waking state of consciousness, dreaming state of consciousness, deep sleep state of consciousness, Transcendental Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness, and Unity Consciousness.

Unity Consciousness is the highest state of consciousness—Brāhm¡ Chetanā—whereby the individual naturally lives mistake-free life according to Natural Law. In Unity Consciousness all the Laws of Nature spontaneously uphold every thought, speech, and action—every phase of life and living.

The technique of ideal administration—the technique of Raam Raj, administration through Natural Law—is to educate and train the people to develop Unity Consciousness—Brāhm¡ Chetanā—and all their activity will naturally be upheld by total Natural Law.

Being naturally supported by the evolutionary power of Natural Law, they will not create problems for themselves or for others. When individuals do not create problems in their lives, then the administration remains free from problems. In this way, administration is automatically maintained on an ideal level—ideal administration through ideal education—education through Veda, the total knowledge of Natural Law.

As the first step towards the materialization of this ideal of Global Administration, from 12–16 October 2000, with the five-day ceremony of Rājyābhishek (coronation), Professor Tony Nader, MD, PhD, President of Maharishi University of Management, Holland (who was awarded his weight in gold [1998] for his historic discovery of the Constitution of the Universe, the Veda and Vedic Literature—total knowledge of Natural Law—at the basis of human physiology), was crowned as the First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace.

On 17 October, Professor Nader, whom Maharishi has honoured with the title ‘Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam’, in keeping with the tradition of the Royal Rulership of Raam—the Rule of Natural Law—graciously accepted his new sovereign role and announced the Ministries of his Global Country of World Peace, each upheld by the total Constitution of the Universe.

The founding of Maharishi’s Global Country of World Peace unites peoples of all nations with a common desire for peace. It extends beyond national boundaries, beyond continental boundaries, linking small and large territories. It unites individuals of all nationalities, cultures, and creeds—all the peace-loving people and peace-loving nations of the world—in a global initiative—in a global task—in a peaceful global unity.

With the Global Administration of the Global Country of World Peace, history has taken a turn. This is the great transformation to the system of administration that will end the oppression of fear-based administration, corruption-based administration—that will end all wars and the struggle and strife of life in ignorance, and usher in the reign of perpetual peace on Earth.

The relationship4 of the government of every country with Maharishi’s Global Government of Natural Law will be so elevating and nourishing to every government in the world that every Head of State will enjoy the full support of Natural Law, and his government will enjoy the ability to prevent problems and will substantiate the new definition of government provided by Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Government.


4 Every national flag will fly with the flag of the Global Country of World Peace.


Maharishi’s practical programme is to quietly5 establish life according to Natural Law without requiring change in any area of the existing administration, which is based on the national constitution of the country.

This global initiative to irrevocably change the course of time in favour of peace and happiness for all mankind placed Maharishi on a most supremely exalted level of rulership, which far surpassed the wisdom or administrative skill of any sovereign ruler in the world that history has ever recorded.

The establishment of Maharishi’s Global Administration through Natural Law—Global Raam Raj—will lead the administrative quality of every government in the direction of perfection so that every government functions on a par with the absolute administration of the universe, the Government of Nature, which is universally nourishing to all life.

Ṛk Veda places this supreme skill of leadership in the hands of Brahm, the Ultimate Reality:
Yatinam Brahma Bhavatih SaratihYat¡nāṁ Brahmā bhavati sārathiḥ (k Veda, 1.158.6)
Brahmā, the total potential of pure knowledge and its infinite organizing power—the lively Constitution of the Universe, Natural Law—becomes the charioteer of all activity.

Ṛk Veda assigns supreme rulership to that self-referral quality of consciousness, the total potential of Natural Law—Brahm.

The total potential of Natural Law conducts the activity of those who have identified their intelligence with the infinite organizing power of pure intelligence at the level of self-referral consciousness.

Every custodian of Maharishi’s Absolute Theory of Government will have access to this enormous intelligence and power in his own self-referral consciousness—in his own Transcendental Consciousness—in his own physiology.


5 Maharishi realized the intensity of ignorance prevailing in the political leadership of the world. In his desperate mood to save the world from suffering, he finally decided to produce the effect irrespective of governments.

He decided that governments, functioning according to man-made constitutions, completely ignorant of the eternal Constitution of Natural Law, are not able to understand the proposals, plans, and programmes to create perfect administration through the support of Natural Law. He decided to take a self-sufficient path that will not in any way depend on governments.

Maharishi decided to create a Global Government of Natural Law to render all governments as really sovereign governments in their own countries and to quietly raise the efficiency of every government on a par with the Government of Nature and thereby substantiate the purpose of government in every country.

Every responsible politician in any country should now turn to the royal road of Administration through Natural Law (which is already quietly administering the activity of all systems and structures of the body), and this will mean that the national government will quietly receive the full support of Natural Law, and positivity and harmony will prevail in national consciousness.

There will be conflict-free politics and a problem-free government. National energy will not be wasted in oppositions of political parties, and all the national intelligence will be used for progress.


Ṛk Veda, the Constitution of the Universe, will be enlivened in the heart of everyone, and through groups of Yogic Flyers in many countries, an indomitable influence of harmony and peace will be generated in their national consciousness, which will influence the whole collective consciousness of the world. Indomitable Maharishi Effect—positivity and harmony—will be maintained in world consciousness, generation after generation.

Maharishi will always be a cosmic figure caring for the well-being of all mankind. The
system he established to perpetuate life according to Natural Law is the cherished ideal of every government.

One wonders whether there could ever be a greater ruling intelligence than the one that has been guiding the world in the form of Maharishi, who has made life on earth heavenly, and who has made Heaven on Earth a reality.

Maharishi always attributed his achievements to Shri Guru Dev6, His Divinity Brahmananda Saraswati Maharaj, Jagatguru Bhagavan Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Badrikāshram, Himālayas—most illustrious embodiment of Vedic Wisdom in the eternal tradition of Vedic Masters.

During the past fifty-one years the purity of world consciousness has been steadily rising; the light of pure knowledge has been steadily rising; life according to Natural Law has been steadily rising.

It is satisfying that with the blossoming of this golden age of Sat-Yuga, the world is witnessing the signs of a new awakening in every field in the direction of fulfilment.
Now is the time for the world to witness the full glory of life according to Natural Law—to experience the full dignity of life in peace, prosperity, and happiness, with enlightenment and fulfilment in daily life.

Maharishi will forever be cherished as the quiet guardian of all nations. Through his brilliance in the field of knowledge and administration, INVINCIBILITY is now dawning for every
nation. The Silent Administration of Global Raam Raj which Maharishi created will continue to guide the destiny of the world through the Vedic Principles of the Holy Tradition of


6 Describing his meeting with Shri Guru Dev, Maharishi once said:

‘As a thirsty man arrives at a well, so I arrived at the feet of my Master. The quest of a perfect Master was there. The first sight of his personality was enough to make me surrender at his feet. He was the most highly revered sage in India and was held as the embodiment of divine consciousness. . .’

(Refer to: His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Thirty Years Around the World—Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment, Volume One, 1957–1964, Maharishi Vedic University Press, 1986 [to be reprinted], a historical account, with Maharishi’s own words, of the natural and spontaneous establishment of his worldwide Movement to improve the quality of life of everyone everywhere and create Heaven on Earth.)

Maharishi celebrated the Golden Jubilee of Shri Guru Dev in 2000. A commemorative DVD was made of this occasion, including film clips of Guru Dev. (Refer to DVD: Swarn Jayanti—Golden Jubilee of Shri Guru Dev, available through


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