Vedic Defence

'My philosophy of defence has its beginnings before creation where the unmanifest Absolute is an invincible continuum.

'The absolute foundation for defence is on the level of invincibility.

'Invincibility is the unique property of the field of absolute pure existence, or pure consciousness—Transcendental Consciousness.

'This eternal field of absolute pure existence, or pure consciousness, is a non-changing, eternal, indestructible field of pure intelligence. It is the home of all the Laws of Nature, the Unified Field of Natural Law—Samhita of Rk Veda—the Constitution of the Universe—responsible for the administration of the entire universe.

'Nothing can disturb or disrupt the coherent, holistic, integrated structure of this transcendental field of pure existence—self-referral consciousness—since everything that exists is an expression of its own self-interacting dynamics.

'By virtue of its absolute coherence, integrated structure, and self-interacting dynamics within itself, the field of pure existence, or pure intelligence, or pure consciousness, is absolutely free from any disturbance, and spontaneously disallows any disturbance in its structure, eternally preserving its indestructibility.

'When through the practice of my Transcendental Meditation individual awareness gains the state of this Transcendental Consciousness, the invincible coherence of the field of pure existence begins to be expressed in every impulse of thought and desire, and in every aspect of physiology and behaviour. The individual gains indomitable strength, perfect health, and complete fulfilment of desires through the support of Natural Law.

'When one per cent of the population practises the Transcendental Meditation Programme, or the square root of one percent of the population practises the TM-Sidhi Programme and Yogic Flying, the infinite coherence of the field of pure existence is enlivened in the entire collective consciousness of the nation, creating the Maharishi Effect. As a result, the properties of invincibility and indestructibility of the field of pure existence begin to characterize the nation as a whole, which gains the indomitable strength of the almighty power of Natural Law.

'The Maharishi Effect creates an invincible armour of defence for the nation, which can never be penetrated by any outside negative influence. When any nation gains invincibility through the Maharishi Effect, it will begin to radiate a nourishing influence of harmony and order to every other nation, creating a rise in positivity and coherence in world consciousness. As a result, friendliness will be generated in every other nation, and the very birth of an enemy will be averted. The nation will gain victory before war.

'When the national consciousness of every nation rises in coherence through the technologies of my Vedic Science, every nation will gain invincibility and war will become impossible.

'When one per cent of the world's population practises my Transcendental Meditation Technique, or the square root of one per cent of the world's population practises my TM-Sidhi Programme of Yogic Flying, the entire world consciousness will become coherent. The whole world will become immune to disturbance or disruption of any kind, and world peace will be assured. Every nation will be  protected by the almighty, invincible power of Natural Law.

'With the achievement of world peace, no nation need fear an enemy. Every nation will blossom in the values of orderliness, harmony, happiness, creativity, prosperity, and progress. All the energies of the world will be used to raise individual and collective fulfilment to the highest possible level—the creation of Heaven on Earth.'

Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defence (668-page publication)

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