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'For management to be successful and free from problems it has to be systematic and scientific. For it to be scientific it must conform to the theories of modern science. For anything to be in conformity with all the theories of all disciplines of modern science it must be Vedic, which means it must be in full accord with Natural Law.

'For management to be Vedic it has to be handled by Vedic* Consciousness. This is the absolute requirement of every management to remain out of the range of mismanagement. . . .

'No system of management in the world today is as perfect as the Vedic System of Management, because all systems of management derive their policies and procedures from the theories of economy, production, and sales, but they are not fully in accord with all the Laws of Nature that manage the order and evolution in the galactic universe. This is the reason why all the existing systems of management are prone to problems of instability and are unsatisfactory.

'Only Vedic Management has that unlimited broad base of the total organizing power of Natural Law, from where it draws upon the infinite creativity of the infinite organizing power of the holistic value of Natural Law, and also simultaneously draws upon the enormous creativity of the specific Laws of Nature. . . .

'The Vedic Consciousness of the manager is the basis of Vedic Management, which is in full accord with the Cosmic Management of Natural Laws, which organizes and maintains the universe in perfect order and harmony—supporting the progress of everything and everyone, singly and collectively, in the direction of evolution. . . .

'With Maharishi Universities of Management in America, Europe, and Russia; and Maharishi Vedic University and Maharishi Institute of Management in India, the field of management is now rising to enjoy the light of Vedic Management—the light of perfection.

'The means to achieve Vedic Management is to develop the Vedic Consciousness of the manager and everyone under his management. For this the simple formula is:


To practise Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Programme including Yogic Flying for about twenty minutes morning and evening, and verify personal experiences by reading the Vedic Text;


To live and work in buildings built according to Vastu—Sthapatya Veda—the Vedic Science and Technology of building according to Natural Law; and


To avoid problems through Graha Shanti [Vedic Engineering], which inspires the benevolent and harmonizing influences and filters out any negative influences from the Cosmic Counterparts of the individual—the planets, stars, galaxies, etc.

'There is a large body of scientific research in all fields of physiology, psychology, sociology, and ecology that documents the benefits of the programmes of Vedic Management, which utilizes Maharishi's Vedic Technology as a means to achieve Vedic Consciousness—the basis of Vedic Management.

'The Vedic Consciousness of the manager is the basis of Vedic Management, which is in full accord with the management of the universe through Natural Law. Vedic Management handles the unlimited management of the universe with perfect order and harmony, supporting everything and everyone to perpetually progress in the direction of evolution.

'The means to enjoy the full value of Vedic Management is to develop Vedic Consciousness through Vedic Education, Vedic Health Care, Vedic Administration, Vedic Defence, Vedic Industry, and Vedic Agriculture.

'Government should introduce Vedic Management into all fields of management, so that whatever profession the youth choose, they will be successful, because they will have the nourishing support of Natural Law. Therefore, to make management unfailing and free from problems on all levels of national life, Vedic Management should be adopted.'

Ideal India—the Lighthouse of Peace on Earth (536-page publication)

* Vedic Consciousness is self-referral consciousness—Transcendental Consciousness— developed through the practice of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Programme.

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