Vedic Economy

The inexhaustible treasury of RAAM comes as the gift of the Central Bank of Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace, to restore the dignity of sovereignty of every nation, taking the world economy out of the grip of capitalism, creating a balanced state of world economy, alleviating poverty, and ushering in the dawn of a new world order of affluence, peace, and invincibility for every nation.

This royal parental policy of the Finance Ministry of Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace will not allow any nation to feel scarcity of funds for any development project.

Through the principles and programmes of Maharishi's Vedic Economy, all nations are now being united in peace and affluence with the support of total Natural Law, the Will of God, fully unfolded in this scientific age—the dawn of the rule of the Divine for all mankind.

'The means to achieve Vedic Economy is to develop Vedic Consciousness so that creativity is supported by the infinite creativity of the infinite organizing power of Natural Law.

'Vedic Economy harnesses the total creative potential of Veda—the infinite organizing power of Natural Law—which functions through the Principle of Least Action, performing from the field of all possibilities, the frictionless field of creative silence, where the infinite organizing power of Natural Law is eternally fully awake. Vedic Economy thrives through the principle of "do less and accomplish more".

'Economy must be based on scientific principles, and for it to be scientific, it must be Vedic, because Vedic Science is fundamental to modern science.

'Is that economy worthwhile which makes the wealthy search for money in the same way as the poor search for money? This means it is not fulfilling to anyone. The existing principles and programmes of economy must be abandoned, and Vedic Economy must be entertained.

'Vedic Economy is vitally needed in every country in order to create a balanced world economy because the theories and systems of economy prevalent in the world make world economy very unstable, topsy-turvy, and damaging to peace and harmony in the family of nations.

'Therefore, for life on earth to be in peace, happiness, and continued progress, Vedic Economy is the only solution.'

Celebrating Perfection in Education—Dawn of Total Knowledge (196-page publication)

Establishing a Union of Sovereign Nations for Rapid Economic Development

It is necessary for peace-loving nations to join hands together, so collectively and individually they can rise above the pangs of poverty and begin to enjoy real freedom in sovereignty, affluence, and invincibility.

The benefits that will come to developing countries through our association are summarized as follows:


Economic development through Maharishi Vedic Organic Farming of unused lands with agricultural potential. In thirty-three developing countries alone there are more than one billion hectares of unutilized land with agricultural potential. Farming of even 500 million hectares will remove poverty from the world.


We have the programme for producers to come together to command and fix the price of healthy, non-chemically grown food—a much-demanded commodity in the world.


It is necessary to begin this programme by building comfortable housing so that the farmers and their families begin to live comfortably right from the start of the programme. This will ensure their productivity and success and give them real joy of life, not just hardship for bare sustenance.


The remarkable, liberal policy of the Central Bank of Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace will support the creativity of every Central Bank and add strength to it, without burdening the national economy. Our policy will quickly earn foreign exchange for the country.


This development will come without resorting to loans, which have proven to maintain poverty year after year and bring a loss of freedom—and without depending on aid, which has made sovereignty of developing nations dependent on foreign powers.

This programme is equally suitable for all nations, regardless of their faith in their religion, regardless of their level of knowledge of science, and regardless of their association with other governments.

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