'My Philosophy of Education has its beginning and end at the level of pure intelligence, where the unmanifest Absolute—fully awake, fully alert intelligence—the field of Total Knowledge, pure knowledge, pure self-referral consciousness, cannot hold itself back from knowing its own nature.

'The eternal continuum of knowingness—pure singularity—is the source, course, and goal of all knowledge; the eternal continuum of knowingness—pure singularity—is the source, course, and goal of education.

Knowledge is Structured in Consciousness

'The process of education takes place in the field of consciousness. The prerequisite for gaining complete education, complete knowledge—the prerequisite for knowing everything, experiencing everything, and doing everything—is to bring the awareness to the level of pure intelligence, pure knowledge, self-referral intelligence, self-referral consciousness, Transcendental Consciousness.

'Therefore the full development of consciousness, self-referral consciousness, should be understood to be complete education. Development of consciousness, or gaining supreme level of consciousness, is complete education, which is the state of all-knowingness, the ability to spontaneously know anything, do anything right, and achieve anything at will. This ability to achieve anything at will in the state of self-referral consciousness, singularity, is the ability to spontaneously engage infinite Creative Intelligence, Cosmic Creative Intelligence, to bring fulfilment to all desires:

Yatīnām Brahmā bhavati sārathiḥ
                                (Ṛk Veda, 1.158.6)

For those established in the singularity of self-referral consciousness, Cosmic Creative Intelligence spontaneously performs.

'There can be no better system of education that can culture the natural ability to maintain this state of self-sufficiency—the ability to know anything, to do everything spontaneously right, and achieve anything through mere desiring. This is the supremely exalted system of education; that is why it is Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Education.

'An individual whose consciousness is fully developed is an enlightened individual, and this full enlightenment, which develops the ability to achieve anything, should be the goal of education.'


Maharishi Vedic University (362-page publication)

CBEd booklet Summary of Scientific Research on Consciousness-Based Education – PDF

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