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'For law, justice, and rehabilitation to be scientific it has to be Vedic Law, Justice, and Rehabilitation; and if the study of law, justice, and rehabilitation is not supported by the theories of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, etc., then law, justice, and rehabilitation cannot be scientific.

'All theories of modern science uphold all disciplines of Vedic Science, because Vedic Science is fundamental to modern science.

'The means to achieve Vedic Law, Justice, and Rehabilitation is through Vedic Education, Vedic Health Care, and Vedic Administration, which will unfold the potential creativity of Veda—total potential of Law—in the consciousness and physiology of everyone, so that the impulse of Cosmic Law—Total Law—Natural Law (the Will of God) is the impulse of everyone's thought, speech, and action, and the nourishing nature of Law is the guiding light of their own life.

'In this perfection of Vedic Law, everyone's life is spontaneously nourishing to everyone else's life, and society as a whole is problem-free.

'The power of law will provide justice only if it upholds the birthright of everyone in freedom, affluence, and the ability to fulfil desires. This can only be achieved if law at every level—national, state, etc.—is Vedic Law, which means that it promotes the full blossoming of Cosmic Law in every expression of life.

'The laws of education and health should spontaneously educate and train everyone to display his natural birthright—freedom, bliss, and progress—fulfilment of his own desires while supporting the desires of everyone else.

'The purpose of law, the purpose of justice, and the purpose of rehabilitation can be realized by enlivening the full potential of Cosmic Law latent in the Atma, the Self, of everyone.

'The Atma of everyone is the total potential of Natural Law. Enlivenment of this can be realized by Vedic Education and Vedic Health Care, which will maintain the Law of Atma to be the Law of the intellect, to be the Law of the mind, to be the Law of thought, to be the Law of speech, to be the Law of behaviour—daily life spontaneously upholding the total potential of Natural Law.

'Law will only be purposeful if it leads everyone to live the infinite creative potential of his own Self. Vedic Law is the ideal of Law—through its own self-interacting dynamics it is self-rehabilitating, self-rejuvenating, and nourishing to all. It spontaneously brings justice to all. Vedic Law is the system of evolution that transforms consciousness into physiology and administers the activity of the individual and the whole universe.

'Veda is the Constitution of the Universe, where all the Laws of Nature are available in terms of Vedic Sounds. This field of Natural Law has to be enlivened in human consciousness so that it maintains all activity in the direction of evolution—so that no one creates any problems for himself or for others.

'National law must be supported by Natural Law so that national administration remains free from problems, and administers the nation with the same perfect order as Natural Law administers the universe.

'The means to enjoy the full value of Vedic Law, Justice, and Rehabilitation is to develop Vedic Consciousness through Vedic Education, Vedic Health Care, Vedic Administration, Vedic Defence, Vedic Industry, and Vedic Agriculture.'

Ideal India—the Lighthouse of Peace on Earth (536-page publication)

Modern Science Documents the Benefits of
Maharishi's Vedic Approach to Law, Justice, and Rehabilitation


Decreased Crime


Greater Respect for Traditional Values


Higher Levels of Moral Maturity: Increased Moral Ethical Self


Effective Rehabilitation: Decreased Prison Disciplinary Rule Infractions and Parole Violations; Decreased Recidivism; Fewer New Convictions; Decreased Drug and Alcohol Abuse


Fewer Court Problems for Juvenile Offenders


Improved Psychological Health: Decreased Anxiety, Tension, Neuroticism, Depression, Guilt, Introversion, Suspicion, Resentment, Negativity, Irritability, Aggression, Hostility, Schizophrenic Symptoms, Psychopathic Deviation, and Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviour

 'Where is the centre of rehabilitation? Within the very nature of a person; it is all divine infinite, unbounded—a field of infinite correlation is there existing deep within him. The Transcendental Meditation Technique enlivens it.

'The settled state of consciousness has a characteristic of infinite correlation, and once that is enlivened, the man can only be infinitely correlated with his environment. He can only be supportive and enriching to all of his environment. The word "rehabilitation" should go to that extreme end—to the absolute awakening of the inner Being.'

First World Assembly on Law, Justice, and Rehabilitation, 1977, Seelizberg, Switzerland

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